Introducing the characters

Introducing the fab new characters from Captain Satsuma's latest adventure

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Captain Satsuma

First name Zuma. A natural leader who is brave and intelligent. The Captain takes a sensible approach to everything he does, and always thinks of others when making decisions.  He has the respect of the Frugee 4 because he treats everyone as equal. Captain Satsuma is very athletic and has a favourite move known as the 'Satsuma Roll' to knock his enemies over.

As well as his Pip Blaster and Special Waistcoat he has lots of other equipment including the Sumawang designed by his Australian cousin, Mandarin.

Satsumas are bursting with vitamin C.   So they help keep you both healthy and active.

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Undercover Carrot

First name Topper. Master of disguise, he is a highly trained secret agent. Undercover Carrot has brilliant eyesight and has special glasses for X-ray vision.

He likes to spend time underwater and doesn't mind how hot the water is. Undercover Carrot is tall and slim, ideal for his favourite pastime, running. He has brought a variety of gadgets along including the 'Gravy Cannon’.

Carrots contain vitamin A and are rich in minerals and fibre. So they’re really good for your eyes.

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Masked Pepper

First name Rudy.  He wears a mask like his favourite film star Zorro.   Masked Pepper loves gadgets and has invented his 'Pea Shooter' to help defend himself.

He also has the ability to change colour to either green or yellow to help confuse his enemies.  Masked Pepper has a strong sporty build and like the rest of his friends is extremely healthy.

Peppers are low in calories, but they’re packed with nutrition.  The red ones have more vitamin C than the other colours.

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Miss Sweetcorn

First name Goldie. She is very athletic, and a fast runner and excellent swimmer. Her special coat, known as a 'Husk', conceals a number of her gadgets including 'Fritter Frisbee', which she uses to knock over fleeing troublemakers.

Sweetcorn is high in fibre and also contains vitamin C and B3. Vitamin B3 keeps you going, and helps your skin stay healthy.

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Cape Pear

First name Pippa. She is extremely healthy, and a keep fit fanatic.  She wears a distinctive 'Cape' to speed her when running. Cape Pear has a number of special accessories including her 'Pear Freshener Spray', and 'Pear Drops' for fleeing villains to slip on when she throws them. Cape Pear loves trees and wildlife.

Pears help control your weight and digestion. They also help your heart stay strong and healthy.

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King Edward

Hello Planet Earth, I’m King Edward and I rule planet Superseed.  You’ve never heard of Superseed? Well, welcome to our secret hub up in the sky.

We are the ‘FRUGEES,’ living fruit and vegetables. We live in a wonderful place, full of rare and different plants and vegetation.

My planet has a satellite station, pod ships and a giant telescope.  This is because all of us living on Superseed want to ensure every child on earth can get to eat some delicious fruit and vegetables every day. Keeping you all happy and healthy is our priority.

“Where do I look for you in the sky?” I hear you ask. Well, head towards 'Scone Henge'. Then go across the water to the ‘Trifle Tower’ and follow the signs for the ‘Leaning Tower of Pizzas’. Close by you’ll find our shuttle service!

Take care, and remember “For great work, rest and play, don’t forget your five a day!”        

For lots of useful stuff about healthy eating, get a great colourful chart from the Eatwell Guide!