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Captain Satsuma has Landed.
Storybook out now

Hi. I'm from Planet Superseed

Before you go to bed tonight pull back your bedroom curtains and look up into the sky. Stars will be twinkling, and the moon will be shining brightly. And if you look closely you might just see a small star glinting brighter than the others?  You're being guided to Planet Superseed, home of the Frugee's, living fruit and vegetable characters.
Who is Captain Satsuma? Younger Chef of the Year Award

Captain Satsuma's first book in a galaxy near you.

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Captain Satsuma has landed book

The Frugee 4

The Frugee 4 are my elite team. We work really well together and have a great friendship.

fruity characters
Perfect Choice

Fun with fruit and veg

In my stories you'll meet loads of interesting characters, good and bad.  Amongst the bad ones are two real troublemakers, Count Rubbish and Evil Spud Mouldy.  They are greedy and selfish, and they’re damaging the countryside and the environment. They need to be stopped and it will require all of the Frugee 4’s skills to do this. Find out if they can foil one of the evil duo’s plans in my first book.
Please check my site for updates.

And see below a sneak preview of my first story.

captain satsuma character waving
a new hero has arrived

Who is Captain Satsuma?

Hello, I’m very pleased to meet you. I’ve arrived here from my own planet ‘Superseed,’ with my team the Frugee 4. We’re on a really important mission, that will provide lots of fun for you all.

By following us you’ll get the chance to see that Fruit and Vegetables are really very interesting and exciting!  Our adventures will also be available in a series of storybooks, starting with ‘Captain Satsuma has Landed,’ which has just been released.

Take care and stay happy and healthy.

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